A Unique Japanese Farm Stay

After spending weeks travelling the length of Japan from one busy metropolis to another we decided to take some time to experience a different type of Japanese culture. We came across Sky Tea House who offered a farm stay retreat away from the busy cities of Japan. Sky Tea House is a tea farm situated south of Fukuoka near the small town of Yame.

This region is renowned for its tea, it’s farms and it’s beautiful landscape. Sky Tea House is an old farm house that has been beautifully restored by its owner Jiro, who inherited the farm. The house has stood for over 170 years, constructed from beautiful wood and stone. From the bamboo floors to the wood fire stove this place is like a window to the past. The guest house sits on top of a hillside overlooking the terraced rice fields and valley below. 

The views are absolutely breathtaking and the tranquility you can experience in the early morning is second to none. The guest house is a communal living space. There are some more modern facilities such as wifi and washing machines but most of the house remains as it was when first built.

To get to Sky Tea House you will either need to have your own car or arrange transfer with the owner Jiro. If you don’t have a car Jiro will arrange to collect you at Hainuzuka JR station which is easily reachable from Fukuoka JR station. The transfer does come at a cost of 1000yen per person each way.

From the station, the drive to Sky Tea House took aprox. 1 hour. On the way Jiro took us on a tour of the area, sharing with us some of his favourite spots along the way. We also stopped at a supermarket to get supplies as there are no shops / restaurants near the guesthouse. You can either bring your own food or donate and eat with Jiro and some of the longer term residents who all take turns cooking.

He is a fantastic host with tons of local knowledge. The guest house is also a working tea farm. Jiro grows and distributes his own tea which he prepares for you on arrival. He runs a small shop selling his tea which you can purchase.

We spent three wonderful days relaxing, hiking and getting to know our fellow guests. We enjoyed every second and we cannot recommend the experience highly enough. It gives you a different perspective on Japanese culture. Unfortunately, like most countries a lot of these rural communities are dying out. Hopefully more people follow Jiro’s example and trade the city life for beautiful country living. If you would like to visit Sky Tea House then you can find them on Airbnb here. To get a discount off your first Airbnb stay CLICK HERE.

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9 thoughts on “A Unique Japanese Farm Stay

  1. That sounds like a great experience. Having just returned from Laos/Cambodia, I have the Asian travel bug and Japan is #1 on my list. Unfortunately, we’re out of money. Ha ha! When I do get there some day, I really hope to get out of the big cities and visit lots of small towns and rural Japan. Thanks for sharing.

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      1. I swear I gained 5 pounds before the 3rd and final flight even touched down in Luang Prabang, not to mention all the food on the trip itself. Now that we’re home, I refuse to weigh myself for at least 3 weeks – anything sooner would just be depressing.

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