Trekking Mount Batur at Sunrise – An Active Volcano in Bali

The Mount Batur sunrise trek on the island of Bali is a rewarding and magical way to begin the day. Bali is an island full of adventure and when visiting Bali we knew this was a must do.

Mount Batur or Gunung Batur as the locals know it is an active volcano situated in the Kintamani region at the center of two calderas. Mt Batur is located north west of Mt. Agung, the other larger volcano on the island of Bali. Bali is full of volcanoes but Mount Batur is the most active volcano in Bali. Standing 1700 meters above sea level the most recent eruption was in 2000. 


The easiest way to arrange a morning hiking this magnificent volcano is to book one of the many tours available. There isn’t a marked path to the summit of Mount Batur so we recommend hiking with a guide. 

A tour will include your transfer from the hotel to the volcano and back again, a tour guide to provide you with many facts about the area and to guide you up the volcano in the dark. Our tour also included breakfast on top of the volcano that consisted of banana sandwiches and eggs cooked in the heat of the hot springs.


Our guide collected us at 2.30 am from our hotel in Ubud. We had about a 1 hour drive to the base of the mountain. We were then met by a second guide who would lead us up the volcano. At about 3:30am we began our hike. We were given torches and water and our guide informed us that sunrise would be around 6am so we needed to keep a moderate pace.

The ground is mostly dark stone and volcanic soil. The most striking thing about this part of the walk is the beautiful starry night sky. The first twenty minutes of the hike was not difficult. The trail weaved through a forest at a gentle gradient. After awhile the path became a lot steeper and slippery with the volcanic rubble hard to grip. During the hike we would occasionally turn around to see a stunning orange/red glow beginning to appear behind Mt. Agung. 


The highlight of the journey up the mountain was at one of the rest stops. While admiring the night’s sky we were treated to a stunning display of shooting stars, the clearest skies we have ever seen. 

We made it to the top with afew minutes to spare before sunrise. We took a seat on a wooden bench, set up our cameras on the mountain edge and waited for sunrise. Within a matter of minutes the sun was peeking over Mt Agung. While we enjoyed the spectacular views our guide was prepping breakfast.


We sat enjoying our well earned breakfast and looked out in the direction of Mount Agung while taking in the views of the lake below. Behind us was the bowl of Mt Batur small vent’s of steam can be seen in the early morning light, reminding you that you are on an active volcano.

The top of the mountain is home to a couple of families of monkeys. These cheeky animals have no fear of humans and will happily dart in and grab your breakfast or backpack. 

After breakfast and sunrise our guide took us on a little walk around mount Batur’s caldron for some more epic views. With our sunrise experienced, photos taken, views enjoyed and belly’s full we headed back down. The descent took about two hours which was much easier .


The trek was worth every step. If you are planning a trip to Bali, allow some time on your trip for this memorable experience, you won’t regret it! Click here to check out the tours available.

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