Current Situation Update: How We Are Staying Busy During Social Distancing

UPDATE: If you have been following our Instagram page you will know that we have settled in Chiang Mai Thailand for the next while. We have accepted jobs as teachers and our plan is to spend the next year traveling to neighbouring countries of Thailand and exploring our new home country. We are very lucky that we had rented an apartment and secured jobs just before this pandemic kicked off in Thailand.

At the moment the situation in Thailand is getting worse. The number of Covid-19 cases are on the rise. All unnecessary facilities are now closed with only essential services remain open such as grocery stores, pharmacies and banks.


We are pretty much hiding away in our apartment and keeping our social distance. We are starting to loose track of the days. The last time we ventured into the city is a distant memory.

During these times of uncertainty and social distancing it is important to keep busy and stay active. Try turn this negative situation into a positive. Use the free time you now have to better your self, upskill or take up a new hobby.


These are just some of the things we have been doing to stay busy:


We download Skillshare for the first time last week and we are now asking why we have not used this online service earlier. Skillshare has a wide variety of courses all at the click of a finger. Skillshare offers courses from crafts, cooking, photography, languages, writing etc.

As we have just moved to Thailand we have been focusing on learning Thai. Each day we have been practicing our Thai speaking skills. It is still work in progress but we will get there in the end.

We have also complete a photography course and a cooking course. We have a long list of courses we plan to work our way through over the next few weeks.

CLICK HERE to get your two month trial. Skillshare are also currently offering 30% off annual membership – Check out here


Cooking our meals

We have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Just last month we were still living in hostel and traveling around.

Now we have our own kitchen to enjoy preparing our meals. In particular we have been trying our hand at some Thai dishes.

We found excellent tutorials on Skillshare for Thai cuisine.


Working out

YouTube is a great source for free online workouts. From yoga to more challenging HIT workouts. We are trying to stay active and work out for just a few minutes each day to try combat all the delicious food we have been cooking and eating.


We have always listened to audio books on Audible as we traveled. It is a great tool to keep us occupied on long travel days. These days we have been listening to a lot of audio books as we cook, clean, workout etc.

Audible is a great service that offers its members one free book per month. To get your free trial on Audible CLICK HERE.


Teaching English Online

Three weeks ago we signed up to an online teaching platform called Palfish. Palfish connects teachers with Chinese students who what to learn English.

There are two options the Official Kids Course (you must be a native speaker and have be TEFL certified or equivalent) or you can free talk. Freetalk is popular with adults. They basically call you through the app to practice their aural and oral skills and you have a normal conversation. You don’t need any experience or be a native English speaker to freetalk. The best thing about freetalk is you get paid by the minute and you can set your own rate.

We have each had a multiple bookings a day making Palfish a great money maker. If you are a would like to learn more CLICK HERE or use our referral code 66456659.


Catching up on Netflix

We have been trying to limit our screen time but in the evening it is nice to sit down, relax and watch some Netflix.

We have particularly been enjoying rewatching Mad Men and Friends. Other Netflix shows we recommend you add to your list are West World, Brooklyn 99 and The Witcher.


Planning future travels

To keep us sane during this pandemic we have been planing our future travels. We don’t know how long it will be until we can travel again.

We are hoping within the next few months the world will be back to some kind of normality again.

However, in the mean time we are researching destinations and catching ups on YouTube travel vlogs to get some inspiration.

If you need some travel inspiration why not read through our previous blogs. We have tips and guides for many Asian countries and Australia.

Also, don’t forget to check out our Instagram page. We promise once the travels bans are lifted our Instagram will be back to its usual, travel content galore.

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4 thoughts on “Current Situation Update: How We Are Staying Busy During Social Distancing

  1. Thanks for popping round and following me at Beyond the Flow. You chose a great time because, as you may have noticed, I decided to use a travel theme for the Blogging A to Z April Challenge. I haven’t been able to go overseas for years since we had the kids and Ive had some health troubles, but even on my second day into this challenge, it’s reawakened all those memories and I feel the traveller in me rising to the fore.
    In terms of what I’m going to get through isolation, I’ve been working on writing up the stories of my Great Great Uncle and my husband’s Great Uncle in WWI in France and the project went ballistic and I’m now working on multiple book projects. I had hoped to apply for grants but not sure how that will go in the current climate and so I’ll just keep going head down bum up for a bit longer.
    My husband is working from home and the kids are doing school from home. Our daughter is an aspiring ballerina, so our kitchen even turned into a dance studio for her to do her classes via zoom. I am interested in checking out Palfish. It would be funny if I actually made some money during this difficult time.
    Well, if you want to pop back for a visit, today, I’m off to Berlin and tomorrow it’s our national capital…Canberra.
    Best wishes,

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