10 Destinations on Our Post Coronavirus Travel List

Over the last two months we have had a lot of time on our hands. Similar to a lot of people around the world Covid-19 has put our lives and plans on pause.

As you maybe aware if you follow our Instagram and this blog, we LOVE to travel. Even though we cannot travel right now we can always plan our future adventures! And that is exactly what we have been doing.


Here is our list of 10 destinations we plan on visiting post Coronavirus:


We made the move to Chiang Mai at the end of February, two months before lockdown came into effect. During those two weeks we were busy with job interviews and apartment hunting so we did not actually get a chance to do much sightseeing or touring.

Top of our post Coronavirus travel list is to explore this beautiful country we now call home. We are so excited to explore the mountains and national parks that surround Chiang Mai. Holidays to the island down south are on the bucket list too. We are so excited to get out and explore Thailand.

International travel maybe far away yet. However, our fingers are crossed that internal travel will open back up soon!



Living in Thailand, Myanmar is now our neighbour. Myanmar has been on our bucket list for so long now.

We have read and heard so many amazing things this country has to offer. We hope it won’t be long until we can explore the ancient temples and the cities of Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay.



India is on most travellers bucket list for obvious reasons. Home to the famous Taj Mahal, India has so much to offer.

For us we are are so excited to travel to India to experience authentic Indian food! Indian is one of our favourite cuisines and as we have never traveled there before we wonder if we really know what traditional Indian food taste like.

We have researched many routes in India. The main itinerary standing out to us is famous Golden Triangle route that runs between New Deli, Agra and Jaipur.



Nepal is another top bucket list destination for most travellers. One of the main reasons we want to visit Nepal is to conquer Mount Everest Base Camp. This multi day Himalayan hike would require training in advance but we reckon it would be worth it.

To begin the hike we would first have to fly into the most dangerous airport in the world, Lukla Airport. This airport is perched on the mountain side with a short runway angled upwards into the mountain to help the aircrafts slow down.

Nepal is a true adventure travel destination and one we are hoping to tick off our list in the near future.



Desert camping, swimming in the emerald colour wadi (gorge) and middle eastern food, just some of the many reasons Oman is on our list.

When we visit Oman we plan to road trip along the coast, through the desert and into the mountains.

In Oman you can free camp anywhere, this is one of the attractions for us. We can explore all day and when we find a spot we like we can pitch up for the night, light a fire and watch the sun set.



Also on our post Coronavirus list is Japan. If you have been following our blog you might be thinking “but didn’t you spend 2 months in Japan last year??”. Yes, that would be correct but we have two reasons for our want to return 1. The food is so AMAZING!! 2. We want to go skiing!!

Japan is famous for its slopes and has some of the best in Asia hence why it is on this list!


New Zealand

Before deciding to live and work in Chiang Mai Thailand we were actually planning on living in New Zealand for one year. Our plans changed but we will still be visiting New Zealand in the near future.

We imagine our New Zealand adventure to be a camper van road trip through both the North and South Island. Hitting up the must see destinations from the Bay of Islands to Milford Sounds.



Malaysia is another country that is very accessible for us now. With many affordable flights operating daily from Chiang Mai why would we not visit Malaysia?

From the bustling capital city of Kuala Lumpur home to colonial buildings, skyscrapers and busy shopping areas, to the series of caves in a lime stone hill knowns as the Batu Caves.

Malaysia is also home to many national parks, hikes and lagoons. A paradise for any nature lover.


Sri Lanka

We actually have a date in sight for our Sri Lankan adventure. We are hoping to knock this off our bucket list this Christmas.

With a three week Christmas holiday from school, we have decided we would like to spend that time road tripping around Sri Lanka in a tuktuk. Nothing is booked yet its all just a plan at the moment but hopefully our Christmas wish will come true.



Last but not least, Ireland! This year we are hoping to make a quick visit to our home country of Ireland. Again, just like all of these travel plans we just have to wait and see if this would be possible.

We do have a one week holiday from school in October, which is when we were hoping to schedule this in. At the moment for us to return to Ireland we would have to self isolate for 14 days. October is still 5 months away, who knows what the future holds.


If you have visited any of the destinations on our list please leave your recommendations in the comments below. We would love to hear about your experiences traveling to these countries and any tips you may have.

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8 thoughts on “10 Destinations on Our Post Coronavirus Travel List

  1. These are all places I’d love to visit too! I was meant to visit Japan and Vietnam for two weeks in April, once I finished teaching in Thailand, but had to make my way home to England early due to lockdown measures in the UK! I desperately want to explore more of Asia when lockdown is over, as well as more of eastern Europe too.

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  2. While exploring Malaysia, don’t miss the island of Borneo. Northern third of island is Malaysia. I visited in 2002, but doubt if too much has changed. Was in Kuching during Ramadan. Riverside markets and food stalls were exceptional. Also took long boat to long house. Visited with Iban people in the long house. Was fascinating, fun and all were very friendly. Also further east in Borneo, Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center was wonderful. Have fun and be sure to post about your upcoming travels.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great list, how exciting to be living in Thailand. Do add Penang to your Malaysia list (was much better than KL for us), we are also hoping to hit Sri Lanka, we actually have a lot of overlap on our wanderlust lists 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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