Common Questions We Got Asked As Full-Time Travellers

We recently posted a Q&A on our Instagram story. Here are the most common questions we got asked.

“How do you afford to travel?”

We decided to travel on a long term basis two years prior to leaving. We had decided in 2017 that we would quit our jobs and swap the 9-5 for traveling around the world. We had two years to save up as much money as we could. We have both always lived well within our means and had no loans or debt to pay off.

We reduced our discretionary expenses by eating less in restaurants, not purchasing coffee every morning, reducing our impulse buys and only buying the things we needed.

Four months before we left Ireland we also moved into Brian’s family home which allowed us to save the cash that was previously going on rent.


“How far in advance to you plan your travels?”

Before we left Ireland we had planned two months in advance. If you are following our blog and Instagram you will have seen that we went to the Rugby World Cup in Japan. As a result the first two months of our trip had to be well planned according to match fixtures. After the Rugby world cup we just had rough plans and ideas of places we wanted to visit.

Typically, we decide on destinations or routes around one month in advance. We usually book accommodation for one week at a time. This provides us with flexibility if our plans change.


“How do you budget and save money as you travel?”

We have many tips and tricks for saving money as we travel. Firstly, it depends on the country. For example when we spent two months in Australia we cooked every meal for majority of our time there. Eating out was a treat and not something we done very often. However in Asia it is often cheeper to eat out than prepare meals. Many local restaurants in Vietnam and Thailand serve delicious dishes for €1-€2.

We also carry reusable water bottles. Although it may not seem like much purchasing a bottle of water everyday, it does add up. Hostels, airports and some restaurants often have water filters to refill.


In terms of accommodation we always set a nightly price and stick to it. For example when traveling South East Asia for one month our budget for accommodation was €3-€5 each per night. When we travelled Australia our budget was €25-€30 each per night.

We try to strictly monitor or controllable expenses such as food and accommodation. This provides a little leeway for the harder to control expenses such as transport, visas etc.

All of our expenses are monitored on an Excel sheet. It makes it easier to see where our money is going and where we are over spending.


“What type of backpack do you use?”

We both travel with the Osprey 40L Farpoint. We chose this backpack as it is the perfect size for carry on. The Osprey Farpoint also opens fully like a suitcase unlike a typical stuff down backpack. This makes packing and organising so much easier. These backpacks are super comfortable to carry.


“What has been your favourite destination so far?”

We both had separate answers for this one:

Lynne – “Lunag Prabang was my favourite place we traveled to. When we were planning our South East Asian trip, Laos was somewhere we did not know much about and as a result it was overlooked.

We knew so much about Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. So when we arrived in Laos I was pleasantly surprised by its beauty. Luang Prabang was my favourite stop in Laos. The town is so laid back, it has excellent food and the surrounding country side is stunning!!!”


Brian – “Osaka Japan has been my favourite destination so far on this trip. The food was the main reason I loved Osaka. Discovering little ramen bars and we wandered around the side streets, mind blowing sushi and enjoying many evenings in the Japanese izakaya’s (bar) are some of the many reasons I loved Osaka so much.

Osaka has a more laid back vibe than Tokyo and the locals were very friendly. There was so much to do and see in this city.”


“Do you have travel insurance?”

Yes. We took out insurance with World Nomads before leaving Ireland. Admittedly when we previously took short holidays form weekend trips to two week breaks we never took out travel insurance. However, when traveling full time you never know what incidences may arrive. We have been lucky that we never needed to use our insurance but you never know when you may fall ill, miss a flight or need to urgently return home.

We recommend World Nomads to all travellers. They are quick to respond to any queries we have had and they will insure you for trips from weekend breaks to one year travels.


“How do you decide what countries to travel to?”

We have a bucket list that we are slowly working our way through. The price of flights generally dictates where we travel to next.

For example when we were leaving Australia we knew we wanted to go back to Asia. Flights to Ho Chi Minh were the cheapest so that was the decision made.

At the moment our plan is to travel one continent. This year we have been focusing on Asia and as we are now living in Thailand we will continue to travel Asia for the next year. Our plan after that is to book a one way flight to South America and explore that continent one country at a time.


“What next?”

Lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak has provided us with so much time to plan future trips. Like everyone else we don’t know when it will be possible.

We defiantly want to explore Thailand. Prior to our arrival we had only visited Bangkok. When we landed in Chiang Mai in February things were quick escalating in regards to Covid-19. We got a chance to explore the city of Chiang Mai but not much of the surrounding areas. So that will be top of our to do list.

We are hoping that international travel will be possible by Christmas at the latest. We have been researching and discussing a possible tuktuk road trip in Sri Lanka. However, those plans are all up in the air for now.


Check out our Instagram for regular travel updated @to.the.airport.and.beyond

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One thought on “Common Questions We Got Asked As Full-Time Travellers

  1. great post. i love budgeting on excel spreadsheets and when I travel i use them to record everything that I spend money I travel on a much bigger budget nowadays I must admit, but i did enjoy the challenge of proper budget travel. Still, I was surprised you can still find accommodation for 3 – 5 euro a night… well anywhere! Loved LP by the way too!

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