Things to do in Pai Thailand

Pai is a small hippie town nestled in the mountains of Northern Thailand near the Myanmar boarder. It is located 135km from the Chiang Mai. The road is mostly up mountain with over 700 twisting curves.

During our visit to Pay we stayed in a beautiful cabin at Pai Homey. The location was the perfect base to explore Pai. Pai Homey is located only a 5 minute walk across a bamboo bridge to the town centre.

Pai offers many attractions for travellers from hiking and visiting the waterfalls to checking out the Big Buddha and the night market. Here are some of the things we enjoyed during our stay.


Hike the Pai Canyon at Sunset

Do not miss out on hiking the Pai Canyon at sunset. The Pai Canyon is stunning canyon with amazing view and hiking trails. The Pai Canyon is location only a short drive from town and best of all it is completely free!!


Wander the Night Markets

In any town or city in Thailand the night markets are the best place to go in the evenings. There is a night market on the walking street every night in Pai. You will find everything from food and clothing to and crafted jewellery and souvenirs.

Even if your not interested in shopping or eating at any of the street food vendors, wandering the walking street is a great free activity to enjoy while in Pai.


Walk Through The Land Split

The Land Split was created by an earthquake back in 2008 and entrance fee is by donation only. The Land Split is located on private property owned by a friendly local farmer.

When you arrive he will point you in the direction of the trail. The trail will take you up above The Land Split then the path will slope down and the path will guide you through the area where the land separated. After you walked through The Land Split the local farmer will treat you to come complementary snack and drink such as roselle juice and banana chips.


Walk the WWII Memorial Bridge

The WWII Bridge was constructed in 1942 by the Japanese. The bridge was used to transport supplies and weapons to Myanmar during WWII. Visiting the WWII bridge is free but we recommend visiting early as it can get very busy.

Visit The Big White Buddha at Wat Phra That Mae Yen

When visiting Pai we highly recommend visiting The Big Buddha statute. Work up a sweat and climb up to the top of the steps. You will witness a spectacular panoramic view looking over Pai. Visiting the Big Buddha is free. Remember this is a local place of worship. Don’t forget to dress appropriately. No shorts and cover your shoulders.


Visit the Santichon Village

The Santichon Village was established by Chinese settlers who fled China during the revolution of Mao Tse Tung. It is located about 5km from town and completely free to enter. Take a walk around the village and check out the traditional clay houses. You can also enjoy traditional Chinese foods or buy some fish food and feed the many koi fish in the ponds.

Yun Lai Viewpoint

Yup Lai Viewpoint is located next to the Santichon Village. You will have to drive up a very bumpy and extremely steep hill to get there. Yup Lai Viewpoint is home to some of the most spectacular views of Pai and it only costs 20 baht to enter.


Eat Street Food

A must when you visit any town or city in Thailand. In the evening the many street food vendors pop up around Pai offering cheap and delicious foods. There is a huge option to choose from, traditional Thai food, other Asian treats and you will even find western food options too.

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