Beijing Expenses – 5 days


We stayed in Leo Hostel, 52 West Dazhalan Street, Qianmen, 100051 Beijing.

This hostel was value  for money and defiantly a case of you get what you pay for.  We stayed in a 10 bed shared dorm. The room served its purpose as a place to sleep. No frills basic hostel accommodation. Staff were very friendly and spoke good english. One major downside to this hostel was the fact that there was no cooking facilities. This drove up the price of our food expenses which I will outline in more detail down below.



The Subway was very easy to use and excellent value. A one way trip cost only 4 Yuan (€0.51). We kept our transport expenses low as we walked most places. From where we were staying a lot of main sights are in walking distance.

To get to and from the airport we used the airport express which cost 25 Yuan per person (€3.33) for a single trip. 



As I mentioned earlier our food expenses were very high for this trip as we were eating out for all our meals. The hostel had no cooking facilities. Buying bottled water every day also adds up. On average a 2 litre bottle of water cost 5 Yuan (€0.64), local beer in a bar cost 15 Yuan (€1.92), 6 pack of local beer in a shop cost on average 18 Yuan (€2.30), price of meals vary hugely based on what your eating and where you are eating but it is possible to get a meal for as low as 15 Yuan (€1.92). As with most countries in Asia if you are looking for Western foods expect to pay a lot more.


Sightseeing / Activities:

During our visit to Beijing we only paid for one organised tour and that was to The Great Wall of China. An experience that we could not miss out on when visiting Beijing. It is possible to visit The Great Wall without paying extra to go as part or an organised tour but for us the ease was worth paying for. Plus our tour included transport to and from the wall, an expert tour guide, entry into the wall and a full buffet lunch at a traditional Chinese restaurant. The only thing not included in our tour was the chair lift up to the top of the wall and the toboggan down the wall (slide). Of course if you are on a budget you can always take the steep hike up and down the wall. We were so happy with our tour of choice and would highly recommend it to everyone. 


Apart from the Great Wall Tour we only had two other sightseeing expenses The Summer Palace which cost 30 Yuan per person (€3.84) and The Temple of Heaven which cost 34 Yuan per person (€4.35). Both excellent value for money and worth the visit.


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